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Mowgliz - Curriculum vitae Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgliz
Mowgliz Production
P.O. Box 110
CH-8046 Zurich

Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli
'Manoshi', 221, Pearabagh Railgate
Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka - 1217

Curriculum vitae
Name:Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli
Date of Birth:1. 12. 1976
Place of Birth:Dhaka, Bangladesh
Languages:Bangla, English, Hindi

Professional Experience

1994 - present
Wildlife Photographer and Nature Guide for The Guide Tours Ltd.

On-screen guide and location manager with the Discovery Production "In Search of Man eaters" filmed in the Sundarbans by Cicada Films.

Location Manager and tracker for the documentary "Swamp Tiger" filmed over a five-month period in the Sundarbans by Cicada Films, London, produced for National Geographic Channel. Location Manager for Keo Films, London, for film on the Indian
Monsoon titled "Going To Extremes", commissioned by Discovery Channel.

2005 - 2006
Principal Investigator in a WDCS funded project to investigate abundance and movement patterns of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins using Photo-identification in the Swatch of No Ground,Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

Internship with Survey Participation at Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida USA under R. Wells and K. Bassos-Hul.

2007 - present
Local Principal Field Researcher in WCS funded 'Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project', responsible for research activities in the coastal areas and the Swatch of No Ground, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

Various Projects and Engagements